• Advertising, Branding, Icon Design, Illustration

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics have been blazing a trail in the cosmetics industry for over two decades. Their passion lie’s not only in creating effective and unique cosmetics, but also in using their resources and international platform to set an industry standard for ethical buying policies, alternatives to animal testing, and supporting human rights campaigns. They implement programmes throughout the year that provide financial support for initiatives in line with their own ethics. One of which is The LUSH Spring Prize, a £200,000 prize fund awarded to various groups across the world who are spefically working towards social and environmental regeneration. 


LUSH needed a way to engage their audience with the key goals of the LUSH Spring Prize. UsFolk’s visual direction and collaboration led to David McMillan being commissioned to create a series of beautiful illustrations inspired by these goals. David’s expressive characters, moving in tandem with not only each other but the natural world around them, perfectly captures this. People and nature working together to look after one another through acts of kindness and support.