• Advertising, Branding, Exhibition Design, Illustration

Barrel Folk was a truly unique collaboration between UsFolk and Jameson Whiskey NI. Barrel Folk and featured some of Northern Ireland’s finest illustrators teaming up with some of the best illustration talent the Republic of Ireland has to offer. The project began when the then Jameson ambassador for Northern Ireland, Francis McConnell, approached UsFolk to collaborate on a marketing project that would utilise illustration as a gift to some of the local bars in Belfast. UsFolk came to idea of creating something that would not only be beautiful, but totally inspired by the bar it would be gifted to. 


Thus Barrel Folk was created; a series of bespoke, hand-painted whiskey barrels that would be the markers of a Jameson-specific whiskey tour of Belfast’s best bars. Each of the eight barrels features individual designs that tell the story of these iconic bars – through the lens of this inimitable whiskey brand. The project involved not only curating the selection of artists involved, but implementing guidelines to insure the Jameson brand would still be recognisable in this new creative form. The consistent use of brand colours and placement of the logo across all the barrels ensured this.