Usfolk is a creative design studio and illustration agency based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Usfolk are an in-house team of creatives designing everything from responsive websites to bespoke branding and everything in between. We specialise in brand identity, print, website design and packaging. We work closely with clients, listening to them and working collaboratively with them to produce work creative work that perfectly reflects and represents their needs.

We’re also the first of our kind in Northern Ireland. We’re a design agency that doubles as an illustration agency. We have an exciting collective of Northern Ireland illustrators on our books and can make it both easy and enjoyable for our clients to choose illustrators perfectly suited to their individual requirements.

Ever since studying illustration at art college, I’ve loved the varied styles of my peers – no two illustration are the same – and the scope and breadth of this medium of communication is boundless. I have over 12 years experience in the design field and think it’s a shame that local illustration talent is not used to its true potential. That’s why we’ve established Northern Ireland’s first illustration agency. For UsFolk, it’s a no-brainer. We have an ever-growing gang of amazing talented illustrators who we can recommend to clients for specially commissioned work that is truly unique and specific to that clients message. Our studio space also acts as a creative hub for these artists who can provide works in branding, advertising, editorial and character design. The work also comes in a diverse mix of styles, from hand-drawn and painted, to digital art, graphic work and typography.

We pride ourselves in being creative and collaborative with a fresh and friendly approach.