UsFolk Exhibition – Illustrator Martina Scott’s ‘The Monday Friday Project’

UsFolk illustrator Martina Scott launched herself into the new year with an exhibition in the UsFolk studio adaptly named ‘The Monday Friday Project.’ A self initiated and spontaneous project for every week of 2017, where Martina illustrated an animal pal to perfectly show the massive difference between how we all feel on Monday morning vs. Friday evening.

With an impressive collection of 104 illustrations featuring 52 different animals, The Monday Friday project is a credit to Martina’s worth ethic and skill as an illustrator, her unique blend of digital and traditional techniques create a beautiful texture in her illustrations. During an interview with Digital Arts Online Martina explained “I’ve had a lot of fun with these illustrations, working with animals like a spider crying from every eye, a hedgehog flipping the bird, a raving raven and a party panda…”

Thank you to Martina for letting UsFolk exhibit her amazing project and to everyone that came along to the launch!

You can see the entire Monday Friday project on Martinas website:

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