Viktoria Mladenovski



Viktoria Mladenovski is a multidisciplinary illustrator based in Berlin, with a focus in advertising, branding, editorial, and publishing. Shortlisted for the Communication Arts Award 2024, Viktoria has worked with international clients such as Dr. Martens, Cosmopolitan, The Skinny Magazine, Berliner Zeitung, Missy Magazin, Jacobin, and Anorak. Viktoria has also worked with cultural institutions including SCHIRN Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Rotondes, and Casino - contemporary art forum Luxembourg. Viktoria’s digital illustrations are contemporary and bold featuring colourful and whimsical characters, intertwined with intersectional queer-feminism and a focus on identity, joy and community. Viktoria translates complex ideas and messages into concise, unique and surreal images. They draw inspiration from everyday life impressions and dreams, books, films and fashion. When Viktoria isn’t drawing digitally, you can find them in the ceramics studio or drawing people in their sketchbook.